Without Remorse Character Descriptions

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John Kelly (a.k.a John Clark)

This is the protagonist of the book.

Pamela Starr Madden

This is a former prostitute whose dead body is laid on a floor to set an example for others.

Sandy O'Toole

This person is a nurse who later marries the protagonist.

Xantha Matthews

This is a young black woman who is a prostitute and helps police find a drug lab.

Colonel Robin Zacharias

This person is a prisoner of war being kept in Vietnam.

Henry Tucker

This person is in charge of a large drug operation on the East coast.

Colonel Nikolay Grishanov

This is a Russian official who interrogates prisoners of war.

Mark Charon

This is the person who is the spy in the police department.

Doris Brown

This person is a former prostitute who is killed along with her father after she escapes imprisonment.

Winslow Holland Maxwell

This person...

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