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Short Answer Questions

1. What hope did O'Shawn's mother have for him?

2. Who is the critic analyzing O'Shawn's poem?

3. What does Allen say before hanging up on Diabetes?

4. Which of the following make up O'Shawn's poem?

5. After reading the ransom note and speaking to Kermit, what conclusion does Inspector Ford come to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some theories regarding Anne Hathaway that are presented in "But Soft...Real Soft"?

2. What is Three Deuces and who are some people that frequent it?

3. What is the story of the origins of the phrase "get into beef"?

4. What importance does the critic put on the names mentioned in O'Shawn's poem and what does the critic try to do each time he sees a name?

5. How was Clifford Wheel killed? How was the killer discovered?

6. Why does Diabetes get Woody Allen involved and what is Allen's response?

7. What is Weinstein's relationship and interaction with Harriet like?

8. What idea does Trichinosis bring to the play?

9. What are Diabetes and Hepatitis discussing and arguing about at the beginning of "God (A Play)"?

10. What is Weinstein's character like and what are some of his recollections?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is a symbol? Please define symbolism as used in literature and provide at least two examples of symbolism that can be found in "Without Feathers"--be sure to explain what the symbolism is about and who/what is involved in the symbolism.

Essay Topic 2

Please define parapsychology. List at least three criticisms/controversies that are associated with this field of study. Please explain what Woody Allen's opinion of parapsychology seems to be based on "Examining Psychic Phenomena" and provide three examples from this section that allude to parapsychology.

Essay Topic 3

Please analyze the killer from "Death (A Play)." What does the author tell reader directly about the killer? What does the reader infer about the killer from his actions, speech, and interactions with Kleinman? In the end, what does the killer represent?

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