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Short Answer Questions

1. What wrestling hold does Job get God into?

2. According to Allen, why is a sit-down strike effective?

3. Who helped catch the Dusseldorf Strangler?

4. Which of the following things has Albert Sykes's spirit left his body to go off and do on its own?

5. What question does a dead husband ask his living wife during a seance?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the angry mob doing at Kleinman's door? What does Kleinman think of the mob's request?

2. What do "On Seeing a Tree in Summer" and "On Tripping Through a Copse Picking Violets" seem to cover or determine?

3. Who are Netta and Dorf and what do they represent?

4. What are some of the worries or anxieties that Woody shares in the opening section of the book?

5. How does the author describe a sit-down strike and what warning do they give?

6. Where does the title of this book come from and what does the title seem to mean?

7. What does Kleinman learn about the killer as he speaks to him? What does Kleinman suggest to the killer?

8. Who is Kaiser Lupowitz?

9. What happens to Klavar Akdal in "I Prefer to Yodel"?

10. How does God "test" job and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role does a narrator play in a story or novel? Please define at least three different types of narrators and give examples from the book for at least two different types of narrators. As a reader, which type of narrator do you prefer?

Essay Topic 2

Briefly define absurdist fiction and it's history. How does absurdist fiction differ from fiction? Give two examples of absurdist fiction in "Without Feathers"?

Essay Topic 3

Please analyze the killer from "Death (A Play)." What does the author tell reader directly about the killer? What does the reader infer about the killer from his actions, speech, and interactions with Kleinman? In the end, what does the killer represent?

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