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Pig Bladder

Woody Allen's brother has a habit of beating him over the head with this item. This is an example of one of Allen's absurd prop references.

Vienna Symphony Orchestra

Sir Arthur Nurney suddenly appears here after teleporting from his bathtub.


This is the title of the book by Dr. Osgood Mulford Twelge about psychic phenomena.

Ferris Wheel

Leonid and Natasha meet after Leonid falls out of this.


This is the item that the merchant sells. Taking God's advice, he eventually adds a little alligator to the item and becomes more successful.


The roof of this object collapses due to inferior mortar.

Hunter College Bookstore

This is a front for Flossie's call girl service.

The City at Night

According to Gina and Kleinman this and its empty stillness resembles outer space.

Copse appears

Woody considers it futile to trip through this place to pick...

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