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Lesson 1 (from Selections from the Allen Notebooks)


The objective of this first lesson is to get a better understanding on what an anthology is--a collection of literary works such as poems, short stories. We will see how this novel is an anthology and how within this anthology there are references to other anthologies.


1) Read a summary of the book "Without Feathers" to the class. When you are done, write the word "Anthology" on the board and ask them to independently write what they think Anthology means in a literary sense.

2) In class discussion: Define the word "anthology" as a collection, or more literally a garland of works gathered into a single publication. Originally the word applied to collections of poems, but has since come to cover a collection of short stories, short novels, essays, etc. Ask the students which of the forms of literary writings does Chapter 1 fall under (e.g.,essays...

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