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Poetic license

Be your very own "Irish Genius." Prepare a one-page poem that follows the same pattern (or lack of patter) as "Beyond Ichor" by Sean O'Shawn. You will trade poems with another student in class and act as the critic and write your very own translation of their poem.

Dance, dance

Write your own lesser ballet. It can be one-to-three scenes, use Woody Allen's lesser ballets as examples. Make sure that love is a key theme in your ballet and dance away.

Drama Diorama

Bring to life, a scene from your favorite short story, poem, ballet, play or selection from Without Feathers--create a 3-D diorama that captures the scene you have chosen. Along with the diorama, provide a one-half-to-one page essay that describes the scene you chose and why you chose it.

The artist within

Create a visual display of one of the characters found within the...

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