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Selections from the Allen Notebooks

• This section is a collection of short journal entries written in the first person.

• The journal entries seem to be segments of Woody Allen's secret journal.

• Most of Allen's entries are paranoid or anxious.
• The name of the book "Without Feathers" is from an Emily Dickinson quote were she refers to hope as the thing with feathers.

• Allen mentions many funny or absurd thoughts, dreams, or ponderings.

Examining Psychic Phenomena

• Dr. Osgood Mulford Twelge studies paranormal or psychic phenomena.

• The stories shared are excerpts from his soon to be released book "Boo!"
• One story touches on a man who has seen his brother's ghost 14 years after his brother dies.

• Another story is about a man who's spirit frequently leaves his body to go do rather ordinary things, like get a drink or go on vacation.

A Guide to Some of the Lesser Ballets

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