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Robert Hare (psychologist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do obligations and commitments mean to psychopaths?

2. Why are murderers often given early parole?

3. What was the verdict in the case of Edward Gein?

4. What is the author's objective in writing this book?

5. How did Ray take revenge on the author for not getting him work in his father's firm?

Short Essay Questions

1. What distinguishes psychopaths from the mentally ill?

2. Why has the author decided that it's important to write about the technical topic of psychopathy at a level that the public can understand?

3. How has the term "psychopath" contributed to confusion about its meaning?

4. How was Jeffrey able to override any suspicions Elyse should have had about him?

5. What distinguishes psychopaths who become criminals?

6. Why did Ray's showing a knife to the author put the author in an impossible position?

7. Why does the author claim it is not surprising that psychopaths commit more violent acts than other criminals?

8. How do normal criminals become involved in a criminal lifestyle?

9. What does William March list as some reasons good people do not readily recognize psychopathy?

10. What early behavior problems are sometimes symptomatic of psychopathy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is your explanation for the public's glamorization of criminals? Do you accept the theory that the public can play out illicit behavior without personal cost by identifying with criminals onscreen? Do you think that people always root for an underdog, and that an individual out of sync with the larger system is always an underdog? Explain your theory for the attraction of evil and support your theory with examples and information from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Empathy is a subject that is discussed at length in this book and that has great bearing on the diagnosis of psychopathy. In your essay, explain the word empathy and clarify its meaning with examples. How do empathetic people feel and behave? What is the difference between normal people and those who are without empathy? What difference would it make in your life if you could not feel empathy for others?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the grey boxes in this book. What do you think was the author's purpose for including these anecdotal materials? Do you think that if he were writing for a professional, rather than a lay audience, he would have included the boxed material? Do you think it contributes to your understanding or interest in the text? In your essay, give your opinion regarding the purpose and effectiveness of the boxed material.

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