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Robert Hare (psychologist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the author's term for "successful" psychopaths?
(a) Subcriminal.
(b) Socialized.
(c) Intelligent.
(d) Useful.

2. Why do wives often put up with psychopathic behaviors longer than they should?
(a) They feel they have nowhere else to go.
(b) They feel they must maintain the integrity of the home.
(c) They feel unworthy of a better life.
(d) They feel insecure.

3. What will help you identify a new acquaintance as a psychopath?
(a) An endless stream of jokes.
(b) Bad manners.
(c) Vague, evasive, inconsistent replies to questions.
(d) An abnormal interest in you.

4. What was the only difference between the psychopath, Jason, as a child and adults with the same syndrome?
(a) The child was more hostile.
(b) The child was less aggressive.
(c) The child was less violent.
(d) The child was more open and forthright.

5. Why do the victims of white-collar psychopaths often fail to report?
(a) It's humiliating to be duped.
(b) They don't know they were duped.
(c) Their own wrongdoing was part of the crime.
(d) They didn't lose enough to bother about.

6. How did psychopaths in the prison study of brain patterns respond to emotionally charged words?
(a) As if they were neutral.
(b) Negatively.
(c) Positively.
(d) With excess emotion.

7. What did Dave suggest that his boss do?
(a) Discharge Dave.
(b) Disbelieve all the complaints about Dave.
(c) Leave the company and let Dave take over.
(d) Promote Dave.

8. Which "special issue" makes the death penalty difficult to decide for those who must judge murderers in Texas?
(a) Is the murderer mentally competent to stand trial?
(b) Is there a probability that the defendant will commit criminal acts of violence in the future?
(c) Did the murderer deliberately seek the death of his victim?
(d) Was there reasonable provocation for the defendant's acts?

9. Why was Jeffrey Dahmer able to convince policemen that he was not committing crimes?
(a) He had believable excuses.
(b) He had friends on the police force.
(c) He talked fast.
(d) He was cool and calm.

10. What event in the life of Lawrencia Bembenek did 300 people gather to celebrate?
(a) Her extradition to the U.S. from Canada.
(b) Her acquittal.
(c) Her conviction.
(d) Her escape from prison.

11. What are the motives of a psychopath in a social interchange?
(a) Confuse and bedazzle.
(b) Convince and persuade.
(c) Overwhelm and destroy.
(d) Manipulate and take.

12. On what basis do parole boards release prisoners?
(a) The prisons are overcrowded.
(b) The offender has promised to do better.
(c) If they believe the offender no longer poses a significant threat to society.
(d) The offender has served a significant portion of his time.

13. Why did one psychologist run off with her psychopathic patient?
(a) She was studying his case.
(b) She was trapping him into revealing himself.
(c) She believed his promises.
(d) She wanted to do field work on his methods.

14. What might be learned about psychopaths from brain imaging technology?
(a) How to make them happier.
(b) What their physical problem is.
(c) How to cure them.
(d) How their brain processes differ from others.

15. How do psychopaths see themselves in relation to others?
(a) They see themselves as the equal of anyone.
(b) They see themselves as inferior beings.
(c) They see themselves as superior beings.
(d) They never think of themselves in relation to others.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do psychopaths get into therapy?

2. What is oppositional defiant disorder?

3. How do psychopaths perceive the world?

4. Who normally serves on parole boards?

5. How did the congregation of Ed Lopes react to discovering he was actually a thief and murderer?

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