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Robert Hare (psychologist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most overwhelming factor in the psychopath's ability to manipulate others?
(a) Good looks.
(b) Background information.
(c) Glib talk.
(d) Intense eye contact.

2. What do psychopaths often miss?
(a) Cues that warn of danger.
(b) Love and affection.
(c) Public regard.
(d) Opportunities to succeed.

3. What group is a frequent source of victims for psychopaths?
(a) Older women.
(b) Unmarried women.
(c) Naive women.
(d) Lonely women.

4. What did Dr. Jerrold Post predict that Saddam Hussein would do?
(a) Escalate the conflict with the U.S.
(b) Back down from confrontation with the U.S.
(c) Commit suicide.
(d) Publically apologize.

5. What will help you identify a new acquaintance as a psychopath?
(a) An abnormal interest in you.
(b) Bad manners.
(c) Vague, evasive, inconsistent replies to questions.
(d) An endless stream of jokes.

6. What does Hervey Cleckley see as the main difference between psychopaths who are not incarcerated and those who are?
(a) A more engaging line of talk.
(b) A better physical appearance.
(c) A better education.
(d) A more consistent appearance of normality.

7. Why did the Australian Supreme Court pronounce Garry David mentally ill?
(a) Anyone with David's history must be mentally ill.
(b) No psychopath could possibly be sane.
(c) David's behavior was clearly anti-social.
(d) David was obviously schizophrenic.

8. How do psychopaths treat those in positions inferior to them?
(a) They mock them.
(b) They con them.
(c) They brutalize them.
(d) They ingratiate themselves.

9. Why do wives often put up with psychopathic behaviors longer than they should?
(a) They feel they have nowhere else to go.
(b) They feel insecure.
(c) They feel unworthy of a better life.
(d) They feel they must maintain the integrity of the home.

10. Why are nurturing women ideal prey for psychopaths?
(a) They are good cooks.
(b) They will take a lot of abuse if they think they can help.
(c) They believe they are invincible.
(d) They are ignorant.

11. How did Clifford Olson see himself during his trial?
(a) As a scapegoat.
(b) As a celebrity.
(c) As a victim.
(d) As a hero.

12. How do psychopaths tend to view therapists?
(a) As friends and supporters.
(b) As their only hope.
(c) As surrogate family.
(d) As objects to be conned.

13. Why did the author decline to diagnose Saddam Hussein?
(a) Long-distance diagnosis is a parody of professional procedure.
(b) He didn't want to offend Hussein.
(c) He didn't want to be publically right.
(d) He didn't want to be publically wrong.

14. Which traditional forms of treatment are successful with psychopaths?
(a) Psychoanalysis.
(b) Electroshock and psychosurgery.
(c) Group therapy and client-centered therapy.
(d) None of them.

15. What did Dave suggest that his boss do?
(a) Disbelieve all the complaints about Dave.
(b) Leave the company and let Dave take over.
(c) Promote Dave.
(d) Discharge Dave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a "desperado junkie"?

2. What is the most heart-wrenching situation involving psychopathy?

3. What event in the life of Lawrencia Bembenek did 300 people gather to celebrate?

4. What is the main danger of failing to diagnose psychopathy in a child?

5. Which part of the brain is more emotional and processes events simultaneously?

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