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Robert Hare (psychologist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What programs administer treatment if the psychopath is judged to be crazy?
(a) Universities.
(b) Correctional facilities.
(c) Mental health facilities.
(d) Research hospitals.

2. Why are murderers often given early parole?
(a) Murderers can demonstrate good behavior.
(b) Homicide is typically unlikely to be repeated.
(c) Murderers can con parole boards.
(d) Murderers can fake remorse.

3. What phrase did Alice's parents use to describe her behavior as a child?
(a) "She was mean."
(b) "She was unpredictable."
(c) "She was impulsive."
(d) "Something was off."

4. What was Ted Bundy's opinion of guilt?
(a) It's just a dream.
(b) It helps keep society functional.
(c) There is no better way to control behavior.
(d) It's an unhealthy mechanism to control people.

5. What question first raised by Ray has stayed with the doctor throughout his career?
(a) Am I crazy or is Ray?
(b) What did I do to turn Ray against me?
(c) What in the psychopath's mentality gives him the power to override reality?
(d) How can Ray claim he was my assistant?

6. What proportion of psychopaths are serial killers?
(a) One out of twenty to thirty thousand.
(b) One in fifty.
(c) Half.
(d) One in a million.

7. How did a psychopathic thief believe that his victims were better off?
(a) They would collect more from insurance than their possessions were worth.
(b) They got to replace their possessions.
(c) He hadn't done them any physical harm.
(d) They got to be in the newspaper headlines.

8. Why did Jack Abbott reject the word "remorse" in his case?
(a) Remorse is unhealthy.
(b) Remorse is a waste of time.
(c) His victim was better off.
(d) Remorse implies that you did something wrong.

9. How did Ray take revenge on the author for not getting him work in his father's firm?
(a) He vandalized his car.
(b) He told prison officials about the knife.
(c) He stalked the author's family.
(d) He wrote hate mail to the author.

10. How do law enforcement officials make use of psychopaths' lack of loyalty?
(a) They can be "turned" to help the state.
(b) They will turn in their friends.
(c) They will work as double agents.
(d) They will make mistakes.

11. Why do socio-biologists claim that the number of psychopaths must be increasing?
(a) Psychopaths produce large numbers of children.
(b) Psychopaths make other people psychopathic.
(c) Psychopaths are being more accurately diagnosed.
(d) Social problems that lead to psychopathy are increasing.

12. How is antisocial personality disorder diagnosed?
(a) Emotional triggers.
(b) Antisocial and criminal behaviors.
(c) Rigorous personality testing.
(d) Reports of family and acquaintances.

13. How do psychopaths tend to view family members?
(a) As a support system.
(b) As possessions, like stereos or automobiles.
(c) As competitors.
(d) As enemies.

14. How does the author describe the psychopath's typical lifestyle?
(a) Planned and organized.
(b) Driven.
(c) Focused and intense.
(d) Unstable and aimless.

15. How well do psychopaths get along with one another?
(a) They often admire one another.
(b) Not at all.
(c) Well.
(d) Comfortably.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do psychopaths tend to view their own aggression?

2. How do psychopaths tend to feel about the future?

3. What did Philippe Pinel call psychopathy?

4. What percentage of offenders who kill law enforcement officers are psychopathic?

5. What do clinicians who prefer the term "sociopath" believe?

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