With the Old Breed, at Peleliu and Okinawa Test | Final Test - Medium

E. B. Sledge
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Japanese use for their counterattack after the third US attack in Okinawa?
(a) Amphibious vehicles.
(b) Banzai attack units.
(c) Kamikaze planes.
(d) 60mm Mortars.

2. Why do Sledge and the other men in his company feel so lucky in their placement on Okinawa?
(a) It is very quiet.
(b) They are well armed for combat.
(c) They are able to kill Japanese with very little enemy fire.
(d) They are learning Japanese culture.

3. What is different about the clay in Okinawa from the clay in Peleliu?
(a) It has a soothing scent.
(b) It is much harder to dig trenches.
(c) It is more suitable for digging trenches.
(d) It holds more moisture.

4. What surprises Sledge about the picture that Kathy shows him?
(a) The lack of beauty.
(b) The beauty.
(c) The lack of emotion.
(d) The hope he gains.

5. What does Sledge get from having continuously wet feet?
(a) Immersion foot.
(b) Athletes foot.
(c) Frost Bite.
(d) Gangrene.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shadow reprimand John Redifer for after a long day of harsh battle?

2. What does Sledge's commanding officer on Okinawa use to pretend that he is under attack?

3. Where is Sledge transferred after the war is ended?

4. How does Sledge get away from the Japanese sniper that stopped him on the way back to his camp?

5. Why don't Sledge and Shelton fire on the infiltrators they see heading for the command post?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were two marines fighting over a silly range card, when most cards got thrown away?

2. How do the officers treat the enlisted men after Okinawa is declared "secure"?

3. How does Sledge describe the 320mm spigot-mortar?

4. What is covering nearly every surface while sledge is stationed at Half Moon Hill?

5. How do Sledge and his platoon feel about Shadow?

6. How does Sledge feel about his duty to police Okinawa after the area has been secured?

7. Why are the weapons rusting so badly while on Okinawa?

8. What happens just as Sledge is looking at the picture of Kathy's chorus girl?

9. How do Sledge and his platoon take the news of Nease's death?

10. Why are Sledge and the other men forced to do a manual re-supply when it begins to rain on Okinawa?

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