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E. B. Sledge
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shadow reprimand John Redifer for after a long day of harsh battle?
(a) Stealing extra food rations.
(b) Saying prayers before each battle.
(c) Showing bravery under fire.
(d) Hiding in a fox hoel during combat.

2. How do the veterans support each other after days of combat in the rain on Okinawa?
(a) They talk about home and forget about the war for a time.
(b) They shout out horrible threats against the Japanese.
(c) They promise to watch each other's backs.
(d) They gather in small groups and give each other pep talks.

3. What is the superstition that many Marines have about the third campaign?
(a) No one survives three campaigns of combat.
(b) You are so experienced by the third campaign that you are unstoppable.
(c) The third time will drive you insane.
(d) You will never retire from the military after three combat campaigns.

4. What is different about the fear that Sledge feels while he is in combat in Okinawa?
(a) He is numb to all emotions.
(b) He knows he will survive.
(c) He feels very strong animosity toward his enemies.
(d) He knows what to expect.

5. What does Sledge read in a letter from home after a hard day of combat in Okinawa?
(a) His girlfriend is married.
(b) His mother is sick.
(c) His dog has been killed.
(d) His brother was killed.

6. What is the name of Sledge's platoon at Okinawa?
(a) K/1/7.
(b) K/3/5.
(c) K/1/2.
(d) K/4/6.

7. What have the American armored vehicles been equipped with for psychological warfare reasons?
(a) Sirens.
(b) Flamethrowers.
(c) Firehoses.
(d) Flashing lights.

8. What does Lieutenant Stanley collapse from after the fighting at Okinawa?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Malaria.
(c) Dehydration.
(d) Shock.

9. What did Sledge do after returning home from the war?
(a) Became a trainer at boot-camp.
(b) Re-enlisted as an officer.
(c) Bought a small farm for his mother.
(d) Left the military.

10. Why is Mac's behavior at the front lines on Okinawa so unexpected?
(a) He mocked other men who would wound themselves.
(b) He promised to attack the Japanese line with a knife and a pistol.
(c) He swore to stay level headed.
(d) He has always been very quiet and meek.

11. How do the troops in Sledge's unit react to the news that Germany has surrendered to the Allies?
(a) They throw a huge party.
(b) They are not impressed.
(c) They are angry that they were not there.
(d) They get more motivation to push forward.

12. How did Kathy get his nickname?
(a) He had an affair with a chorus girl.
(b) His last name is Kathleen.
(c) His wife's name is Kathy and he constantly talks about her.
(d) He is very feminine.

13. Where is Sledge's unit located during the fighting in chapter 12?
(a) Broken Neck Hollow.
(b) Heart Break Hill.
(c) Half Moon Hill.
(d) Bloody Nose Ridge.

14. Why does Sledge and his crew have to re-seat the base-plate of their mortar after a few rounds while holding the front lines in Okinawa?
(a) They have to re-set the targets as the Japanese advance.
(b) The rain is ruining the ammunition.
(c) They have to move the mortar forward as they advance on the Japanese.
(d) The recoil drives the base-plate into the mud.

15. What surprising news does Sledge hear about the man he administered first aid to a few weeks after the matter?
(a) He died.
(b) He survived.
(c) He nominated Sledge for a medal.
(d) He was sent home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Sledge about the picture that Kathy shows him?

2. How long does Sledge go in Okinawa without taking off his boots?

3. What was the Japanese prisoner wearing who tried to block the way as Sledge's company headed away from Shuri?

4. Who does Sledge administer first aid to on the front lines at Okinawa and then carry back to the camp fearing he will die?

5. What are most of the survivors of Okinawa suffering from after weeks of battle?

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