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E. B. Sledge
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sledge's reaction to the first Japanese casualties he sees?
(a) He is numb to any emotion.
(b) He feels hatred.
(c) He is sickened.
(d) He finds mercy in his heart.

2. What is the name of the ridge on Peleliu that was under almost constant barrage of artillery?
(a) Bloody Nose Ridge.
(b) Broken Neck Ridge.
(c) Caualty Capital Ridge.
(d) Heart Attack Ridge.

3. What feature of warfare does Sledge comment on that is often overlooked in official accounts?
(a) The inability to sleep.
(b) The mental damage.
(c) The stench.
(d) The physical stress.

4. What was Sledge's Platoon number at Boot Camp?
(a) 626.
(b) 879.
(c) 984.
(d) 785.

5. What was the name of the ship that transported Sledge to combat?
(a) SLT 166.
(b) LST 661.
(c) TSL 161.
(d) LTS 771.

6. How did Sledge feel about his time at Camp Elliot?
(a) Unsanitary and humilating.
(b) Satisfactory and enjoyable.
(c) Exciting and dramatic.
(d) Stressful and overwhelming.

7. What does Sledge watch explode from direct Japanese fire?
(a) An Amtrac.
(b) A small patch of beach next to him.
(c) A Marine DUKW.
(d) A close friend.

8. What chore at camp does Sledge hate the most?
(a) Hauling away rotting coconuts.
(b) Detailing the latrine.
(c) Kitchen patrol.
(d) Killing vermin.

9. What holiday did Sledge graduate from boot camp on?
(a) Halloween.
(b) Veteran's Day.
(c) Christmas Eve.
(d) Valentine's Day.

10. How many marines have been sent to Peleliu?
(a) 50,000
(b) 30,000
(c) 32,000
(d) 28,000

11. Who does Sledge describe as "slightly Asiatic in thinking"?
(a) Haldane.
(b) Hanover.
(c) Shelton.
(d) Haney.

12. What does Sledge see a man doing to a dead Japanese machine gunner after taking the pillbox?
(a) Trying to piece his skull back together.
(b) Taking out his golden teeth.
(c) Mutilating his body.
(d) Tossing pieces of coral into his shattered skull cavity.

13. What did the new Marines do to the veterans?
(a) Asked for extra weapons.
(b) Smothered them with questions.
(c) Challenged them to boxing matches.
(d) Sent letters home with them.

14. Where do some of the men in Sledge's company seek shelter when they are fired on from a pillbox that they thought was abandoned?
(a) On top of the box.
(b) Behind Japanese casualties.
(c) Behind some trees.
(d) In a nearby trench.

15. What does Sledge resent about the officers giving him orders during his non-combat time?
(a) Their lack of concern for their mental welfare.
(b) Their inexperience.
(c) Their tone.
(d) Their condescension.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops the shooting from the Japanese in the pillbox?

2. What is Sledge surprised to find as he watches the native birds on Peleliu?

3. What does Rupertus predict at Peleliu?

4. What is Shelton's nick-name?

5. What do the men in Sledge's company debate about their work at Peleliu?

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