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Stephen B. Oates
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The rest of the troops gradually arrived, with _______________ leading an outfit from New York, though he would be killed in a battle very early on.
(a) Elmer Ellsworth.
(b) Edward Porter Alexander.
(c) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard.
(d) Richard Stoddert Ewell.

2. After his election, Lincoln had a troubling ________.
(a) Vision.
(b) Speech.
(c) Thought.
(d) Day.

3. What accusations surrounded Mary?
(a) That she was not American.
(b) That she was secretly a Southern sympathizer.
(c) That she was spoiled and unkind.
(d) That she was in love with another man.

4. Did Lincoln support this amendment?
(a) Yes.
(b) Only at first.
(c) No.
(d) Not at first.

5. Who was Lincoln's first cabinet appointment?
(a) William H. Seward as Secretary of State.
(b) Edwin M. Stanton as Secretary of War.
(c) William P. Fessenden as Secretary of the Treasury.
(d) John P. Usher as Secretary of the Interior.

6. George Gordon Meade continued with the Army of the Potomac on a collision course with Lee where?
(a) At Manassus.
(b) At Bulls Run.
(c) In Gettysburg.
(d) In Richmond.

7. Lincoln called Grant back east and appointed him what, the first to hold the position since Winfield Scott?
(a) General in Chief of all Union armies and Lieutenant General.
(b) Brigadier General.
(c) Lieutenant General.
(d) General in Chief of all Union armies.

8. The public was clamoring for a battle to take place, so Lincoln called Generals Scott and McDowell to discuss what?
(a) Spring offensives.
(b) Fall offensives.
(c) Winter offensives.
(d) Summer offensives.

9. What plot was uncovered in Baltimore?
(a) To rob the President-elect.
(b) To assassinate the President-elect.
(c) To kidnap the President-elect.
(d) To bribe the President-elect.

10. Lincoln put ______________ Hooker in command of the Potomac Army.
(a) "Fighting Frank."
(b) "Fighting John."
(c) "Fighting Joe."
(d) "Fighting Fred."

11. Who was Fredrick Douglass?
(a) An influential black abolitionist leader.
(b) An inventor.
(c) A member of Lincoln's cabinet.
(d) An army general.

12. When the 54th of Massachusetts--a Negro outfit--launched a viscous attack against rebels at Fort Wagner, what myth was effectively ended?
(a) Of the weak Negro.
(b) Of the fearful Negro.
(c) Of the unintelligent Negro.
(d) Of the complacent Negro.

13. Lincoln needed to do what as a war tactic?
(a) Reinstate the draft.
(b) Convince southerners to join the Union Army.
(c) Use POWs as soldiers.
(d) Free slaves everywhere.

14. Who was Lincoln's Attorney General?
(a) Montgomery Blair.
(b) William Dennison.
(c) Edward Bates.
(d) James Speed.

15. In __________ Tennessee, Ulysses S. Grant won a victory for the Union, though rumors persisted that he was a drunk.
(a) Northern.
(b) Eastern.
(c) Southern.
(d) Western.

Short Answer Questions

1. After a month of preparation, the Grand Army met the rebels where, though the Grand Army was ill-trained and the Union suffered a humiliating defeat?

2. Though Salmon Chase was favored to run against Lincoln for the Republican nomination, what scandal erased any hope Chase had for the nomination?

3. Upon reports that Grant was drinking again, Lincoln did what?

4. Southern concerns about slavery were growing more frantic, and Lincoln refused to make a public statement. Why did he refuse to do this?

5. The Confederates sent an army into the state, which enraged _________________ and pushed them into the Union.

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