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Stephen B. Oates
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. General Winfield Scott was _________ to take the field.
(a) Too old.
(b) Too unsure of himself.
(c) Too young.
(d) Too novice.

2. Who was Fredrick Douglass?
(a) An influential black abolitionist leader.
(b) A member of Lincoln's cabinet.
(c) An inventor.
(d) An army general.

3. Did Lincoln support this amendment?
(a) Not at first.
(b) Only at first.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

4. While Grant settled in to siege Petersburg, Lincoln accepted Chase's resignation as Secretary of Treasury and appointed the position to who?
(a) Edward Bates.
(b) Montgomery Blair.
(c) William Dennison.
(d) William Fessenden.

5. Lincoln declared that the ________________ no longer applied, which caused flocks of slaves to run to the Union border, claiming themselves for the Union as "contraband of war."
(a) Confiscation Act.
(b) Articles of Confederation.
(c) Corwin Amendment.
(d) Fugitive Slave Law.

6. Lincoln decided to post Henry Halleck as what, trying to find a man who would fight for him?
(a) Major General.
(b) Brevet Lieutenant General.
(c) General in Chief.
(d) Brevet Brigadier General.

7. Lincoln got Congress to sign a bill that overturned what, outlawing slavery in all federal territories?
(a) The Kansas-Nebraska Bill.
(b) The Missouri Compromise.
(c) The Corwin Amendment.
(d) The Dred Scott decision.

8. Lincoln was very busy, often with over _________ visitors a day, and his right hand was swollen and sore from all the shaking.
(a) 150.
(b) 50.
(c) 1000.
(d) 100.

9. General Lee shocked the Union by doing what?
(a) Joining the Union.
(b) Retreating.
(c) Resigning from his position.
(d) Taking rebel troops north.

10. In __________ Tennessee, Ulysses S. Grant won a victory for the Union, though rumors persisted that he was a drunk.
(a) Northern.
(b) Western.
(c) Southern.
(d) Eastern.

11. The Senate wanted to make what a war objective?
(a) Annihilation of slavery.
(b) Having a strong federal government.
(c) Reconciling the Union.
(d) Making the Union stronger.

12. McClellan then clashed with General Lee over Richmond, but forgot to do what?
(a) Take anyone hostage.
(b) Bring enough supplies.
(c) Secure the city.
(d) Follow the strategy given to him by Lincoln.

13. The rest of the troops gradually arrived, with _______________ leading an outfit from New York, though he would be killed in a battle very early on.
(a) Elmer Ellsworth.
(b) Richard Stoddert Ewell.
(c) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard.
(d) Edward Porter Alexander.

14. After a month of preparation, the Grand Army met the rebels where, though the Grand Army was ill-trained and the Union suffered a humiliating defeat?
(a) Bull Run.
(b) Shiloh.
(c) Chancellorsville.
(d) Fredericksburg.

15. Though Salmon Chase was favored to run against Lincoln for the Republican nomination, what scandal erased any hope Chase had for the nomination?
(a) The Pomeroy Circular.
(b) Yazoo Land.
(c) Gould and Fisk.
(d) Civil War Profiteering.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jude Early led a rebel force from Harper's Ferry to seize what city?

2. Who were refuges for Lincoln?

3. The Confederates sent an army into the state, which enraged _________________ and pushed them into the Union.

4. On January 1st, 1863, as Commander in Chief of the army and navy, Lincoln would do what?

5. Lincoln had to relieve General Burnside because of what?

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