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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In response to the new governor, what are some of the colonists calling for?
(a) An armed rebellion.
(b) A week of fasting.
(c) A petition to be signed stating they do not want the governor.
(d) A peaceful protest.

2. How does Matthew react when he learns that Kit has been visiting Hannah?
(a) He is angry and forbids her from ever going again.
(b) He is happy that she has been visiting her.
(c) He is angry but eventually understands.
(d) He is indifferent and does not really care.

3. Who tries to defend Kit in court?
(a) Matthew.
(b) Judith.
(c) Mercy.
(d) William.

4. Whom does John tell Kit he is in love with?
(a) Mercy.
(b) Kit.
(c) Hannah.
(d) Judith.

5. What does the act of hiding the charter mean to the king?
(a) The king does not consider it anything worth worrying about.
(b) It is initially disrespectful to the king but nothing more.
(c) It is an act showing support for the king.
(d) It is an act of serious insubordination.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Judith announce as they are working to husk corn?

2. Who comes into town with reports from the militia?

3. When do the settlers get together to husk the corn?

4. Who is the thin, bedraggled man who suddenly shows up at the Woods' door one winter night?

5. What does Kit confide to Hannah when she brings her Nat's gift?

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