The Witch of Blackbird Pond Short Essay - Answer Key

Elizabeth George Speare
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1. How is the town of Saybrook described?

Saybrook is a disappointment to Kit. It is a small town full of people dressed in drab and somber clothes.

2. Who are the Cruffs?

The Cruffs are a family who are traveling on the same ship as Kit; a mother, a father and a young daughter. Kit views the Cruffs as cold and surly looking.

3. Who is John Holbrook and what warning does he give to Kit Tyler while they are aboard the Dolphin?

John Holbrook is a young man who is also a passenger on the Dolphin. He is studying to be a minister. He warns Kit that society in the Colony is much different then what she is used to.

4. What is the reaction Kit receives when she jumps into the water to rescue the dropped doll?

When Kit jumps into the water to save Prudence's doll, everyone seems to be annoyed by her action. Later she discovers that some of them now think she is a witch because she can float, and they believe only witches can do such things.

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