The Witch of Blackbird Pond Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the religion of Kit's relatives in Wethersfield?
(a) Catholic.
(b) Amis.
(c) Mennonite.
(d) Puritan.

2. How does Kit feel about her first prayer meeting?
(a) She finds it long and boring.
(b) She find it interesting but a bit long.
(c) She is indifferent and just glad not to be working.
(d) She loves it.

3. What happens to Kit's grandfather that causes his death?
(a) He is wounded in a farming accident.
(b) He drowns while swimming in the ocean.
(c) He becomes ill.
(d) Someone poisons him.

4. In response to the new governor, what are some of the colonists calling for?
(a) A week of fasting.
(b) A peaceful protest.
(c) A petition to be signed stating they do not want the governor.
(d) An armed rebellion.

5. What do the schoolmaster and the reverend do when they come into the class and see the children playing make-believe?
(a) They clap and encourage the students.
(b) They dismiss Kit as a teacher.
(c) They scold the class and the teachers and leave.
(d) They do nothing and sit in silence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Kit note is the staying force of the Wood family?

2. What familiar person does Kit meet again at the Meeting House?

3. What does Kit think of the fields of the Great Meadow?

4. What rumor is Mrs. Cruff spreading about Kit on their boat ride to Wethersfield?

5. Where is the school that Mercy teaches the young children?

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