The Witch of Blackbird Pond Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Dr. Bulkeley?
(a) Matthew's boss.
(b) The mayor.
(c) Mr. Holbrook's professor.
(d) The town physician.

2. After Kit's grandfather dies, what happens to the plantation and Kit's wealth?
(a) It all burns in an accidental fire.
(b) She has to sell it all to pay her grandfather's debts.
(c) Nothing. She still owns it all but does not want to live alone.
(d) It is given to the first male heir.

3. How does Kit describe her Aunt's home?
(a) As small but splendid.
(b) As large, ornate and gaudy.
(c) As dirty and run-down.
(d) As large but sparsely furnished.

4. What does Hannah do to raise some money to pay for taxes and fines?
(a) She knits socks and blankets.
(b) She sells bread.
(c) She spins flax for some of the townspeople.
(d) She sells vegetables.

5. Until moving to the colonies, what role does religion play in Kit's life?
(a) It was very important to her, but she abandons it.
(b) It is still important to her.
(c) Not a very big role.
(d) It is important, but she follows a different religion than the Woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What familiar person does Kit meet again at the Meeting House?

2. What is Nat doing when Kit arrives at Hannah's in Chapter 12?

3. What does Matthew think about the Assembly's land-concessions move?

4. What does William think about the new governor of the Colonies appointed by the King?

5. In Chapter 7, who comes and interrupts Kit's time with William?

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