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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the overseer of Kit's grandfather's plantation do?
(a) He increases the plantation's wealth.
(b) He helps Kit move to her aunt's.
(c) He helps Kit when her grandfather dies.
(d) He embezzles from her grandfather and runs off.

2. What does Nat insist on doing after dinner at Hannah's?
(a) Walking Kit home.
(b) Playing a game of cards.
(c) Reading out loud.
(d) Having dessert.

3. What happens to Kit's grandfather that causes his death?
(a) He becomes ill.
(b) He drowns while swimming in the ocean.
(c) He is wounded in a farming accident.
(d) Someone poisons him.

4. In Chapter 7, what do Mercy and Judith tell Kit when the guests are gone?
(a) That William is preparing for marriage.
(b) That they like John more than William.
(c) That they think William does not really like her anymore.
(d) That they do not want her to marry William.

5. How does Rachel respond when she hears about Kit spending time with Hannah?
(a) She is angery and yells at Kit.
(b) She is slightly worried but overall thinks it is fine.
(c) She is very distressed to hear it.
(d) She thinks it is nice of Kit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which members of the Wethersfield community are expected to go to the meeting?

2. How does Kit describe her Aunt's home?

3. When Matthew Wood finds out how much luggage Kit has brought with her, what is his response?

4. In Chapter 7, what important responsibility has William recently been given?

5. What day is prayer meeting held?

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