Objects & Places from The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Elizabeth George Speare
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The Dolphin - Kit travels from Barbados to Wethersfield in this. It is owned by Nat Eaton's father.

Meeting House - The townspeople meet here for prayers or assemble for political or disciplinary meetings.

Great Meadow - This is a large area where the settlers have their plots of land for planting or grazing.

Blackbird Pond - This place is located at the edge of the marshlands and is where the witch is said to live.

Selectmen - This is the group chosen to have executive authority in the town's public matters.

Hornbook - This is a single page protected by a transparent sheet of horn, used in teaching children to read.

Charter - This was drawn up by England in 1662, conferring rights and privileges regarding organization of the Connecticut Colony.

Dame School - Here small children learn their alphabet in order to be prepared for formal...

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