The Witch of Blackbird Pond Fun Activities

Elizabeth George Speare
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Create your own charter for your very own colony. This charter should include the name of your colony, the structure of the government, and some basic rules or guidelines the colony will live by.

Island in the sun

Make a brochure depicting your opulent and high-class island plantation. Your plantation can be on any island, and your brochure should include the following:a picture of your plantation, some examples of the amenities of your plantation, some local attractions, and some suggestions for leisurely island living.

Project colony

Using items that you have on hand, create a work outfit for a settler in the Colonies during the time this novel takes place. Your outfit should fit the modest, simple look of the Puritans while being useful and functional for daily work. You can use anything available to you for this outfit -- paper, cloth, items from around your...

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