The Witch of Blackbird Pond Character Descriptions

Elizabeth George Speare
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Kit Tyler

This character, orphaned as a baby, is brought up in wealth and freedom by a plantation-owner grandfather. Two of this person's most important qualities are truthfulness and honesty.

Hannah Tupper

This person is expelled from Massachusetts for being Quaker and comes to Wethersfield. This individual suffers severely from religious persecution and is shunned by the Wethersfield community.

Nat Eaton

This character is the son of the captain of the Dolphin and loves the sea and everything about it. This person can also be headstrong and stubborn.

Mercy Wood

Due to being lame after an illness as a child, this character has difficulty getting around and very rarely leaves home. This person's calm and sweet ways are a staying force of the family.

Judith Wood

This person is haughty and proud, likes pretty things and small luxuries and at times is self-centered.

Rachel Wood

This person, kind...

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