The Witch of Blackbird Pond Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth George Speare
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Chapter 1

• Reader is introduced to Kit Tyler, 16-year old who is traveling to the American Colonies.

• Kit is traveling alone to the colonies from Barbados.

• There are several characters who are on the boat ride with Kit such as Mr. Holbrook, who is studying to be a minister
• The Cruff family is on the boat, and Kit sees them as surly.

• The name of the settlement Kit is traveling to is Wethersfield.

• The name of the boat she is traveling on is the Dolphin.

Chapter 2

• Kit describes Prudence Cruff, a sad and lonely child she is somehow drawn to.

• The reader learns that Kit's parents died when she was very young and that she was raised by her grandfather.

• Kit's grandfather was a wealthy plantation owner in Barbados.
• Kit is on her way to the colonies to meet her aunt, her only living relative after her grandfather dies...

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