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Applegate, Katherine
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Essay Topic 1

Trace the characterization arc of Stephen’s character throughout the novel Wishtree. Discuss whether Stephen is a round or flat character and whether Stephen is a static or dynamic character.

Essay Topic 2

Determine Applegate’s message within the novel Wishtree regarding the idea of personal responsibility.

Essay Topic 3

What message does Applegate send within the pages of Wishtree concerning the link between fear and persecution?

Essay Topic 4

Explicate the theme of tolerance within Wishtree. What is Applegate’s message regarding tolerance and how do you know?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss how and why Applegate instills three different humanist messages into the narrative of Wishtree.

Essay Topic 6

William Faulkner once famously claimed that the most important literature deals with the subject of the human heart in conflict with itself. Explain how the theme of Human versus Self is demonstrated within Applegate’s novel Wishtree. Create a decisive, arguable...

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