Wiseguy Fun Activities

Nicholas Pileggi
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Role Playing

Have students choose their favorite scene from the book and pick the four most popular. Then split the class into groups of 2-4 people and have them recreate the scene.

Watch a Movie Clip

Watch a short clip of the film GoodFellas and compare it to the scene that it is based on from the book.

Acting Scenes in a Different Time Period

Have the class split up into groups of four and assign each of them a scene from the book, then have them rewrite it in a different time period. Have each group rehearse and act out the scene in front of the class using props, costumes, etc. At the end, have the class try and guess which time period the group chose.

Chapter Rewrite

Pick a chapter in the book written from Henry's perspective and rewrite it from another wiseguy's perspective, such as...

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