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Nicholas Pileggi
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Essay Topic 1

Compare Henry's father's lifestyle to that of the wiseguys. How much harder does Henry Hill, Sr. have to work to reap minimal rewards? What aspects of his father's normal and honest life do you think most compelled Henry to choose the path of becoming a wiseguy?

Essay Topic 2

Henry was often treated with disrespect and hatred at home. How do you feel this influenced his becoming a wiseguy? Do you think that it is one of his biggest motivations or a coincidence? In what ways does this motivate and prepare him for a life in the mob? Are these downfalls to blame for these men entering a life of crime or are they simply a part of the typical wiseguy demographic? Is it possible for a wiseguy to be from a rich and well balanced home?

Essay Topic 3

Henry joins the wiseguys and begins committing crimes...

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