Wiseguy Character Descriptions

Nicholas Pileggi
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Henry Hill

This character does everything from running errands to stealing for the mob. He is later arrested due to his involvement in a drug ring and a major airport heist.

Paul Vario

This character is a mob boss who runs various illegal operations from the cabstand and is often paranoid that he will be arrested.

Vito Tuddy Vario

This character is in charge of the cabstand and often arranges for various crimes to be committed such as cashing counterfeit bills and selling faulty Christmas trees.

Jimmy Burke

A seemingly kind but ruthless mobster who is involved in hijackings, heists, and many murders.

Tommy DeSimone

A sociopath who ruthlessly kills anyone who doesn't do exactly as they are told and ultimately dies because of this blood lust.

Karen Hill

An unsuspecting member of the mob life who often smuggles luxury items into prison.


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