Wiseguy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Pileggi
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• Henry Hill, Jr. has entered the witness protection program with his wife and two daughters.

• Henry has been forced to enter the program after his life is threatened by two mob bosses-Jimmy Burke and Paul Vario.
• Henry begins to tell the author the story of his time spent in the mafia from his perspective.

Chapter 1

• An 11-year-old Henry enters the cabstand, looking for a part time job.

• Henry's father is introduced as a poor Irish immigrant who is hard on his son and dislikes the mob lifestyle.
• Henry gets a job at the cabstand as an errand boy for mob boss Paul Vario and quickly becomes obsessed with the life of the mobsters.

• Henry begins dressing in pinstriped suits and skipping school to work at the cabstand, much to his parents chagrin.

Chapter 2

• Henry begins skipping school more and more, and becomes involved in many crooked schemes...

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