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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells the king that Mamillius dies?

2. What does Leontes send men to get from the Oracle?

3. How many times does Leontes say he visits the graves of his wife and son?

4. Why does Mamillius fall ill?

5. Who is the lady Paulina asks to see when she is not allowed to see the Queen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where are Cleomenes and Dion, and how long are they gone?

2. Why does Polixenes think there is something about Perdita that speaks of more noble blood than being born of a shepherd?

3. What is ironic about the situation between Clown and Autolycus?

4. In Act one, scene one, how does Camillo explain the kings' inability to visit each other?

5. Why is Act one, scene one important?

6. What happens when Leontes and Polixenes meet each other again, for the first time since Polixenes fled Sicilia?

7. Who is in disagreement about whether Leontes marries again, and why?

8. Why does the queen not ask anyone to take the new baby to the king?

9. What is Paulina's response to the king's claim that he has her burnt by fire?

10. When Leontes is told that Polixenes and Camillo escape, what does he do about his other children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the symbolism of Perdita's flowers? Use examples from the play to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Using specific examples from the play to support your answer, answer the following question: How does Shakespeare use foreshadowing in the play?

Essay Topic 3

What role does love play in the story? What does love cause to happen? Cite specific examples from the story to support your answer.

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