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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Maxillius?

2. How does Paulina get past the lords to enter into the king's presence?

3. What does Hermione whisper in Mamillius' ear before Leontes enters?

4. What does Paulina say she does, if she is a man?

5. What does Hermione do when she hears the news that Mamillius dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the comments and questions that the servant and Leontes have about Florizel's arrival in Sicilia?

2. What is ironic about the situation between Clown and Autolycus?

3. When Leontes is told that Polixenes and Camillo escape, what does he do about his other children?

4. Who is Florizel, and where does he spend his time?

5. What is the king waiting for before killing the queen?

6. How does Camillo describe the shepherd and his estate?

7. Why does Hermione agree to go with the guards when Leontes orders her to be imprisoned?

8. How does Hermione describe her love for Polixenes?

9. What is the old shepherd complaining about when he first enters?

10. Why does Antigonus want his daughters sterilized?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the play, the characters all leave together. Is the ending of the play too neat? Why or why not? Support your answer with examples from the play.

Essay Topic 2

How is what happens to Polixenes and Florizel similar to what happens to Leontes? Support your answer using specific examples from the play.

Essay Topic 3

Who is the most loyal character in the play, and why? Cite specific examples from the play to support your answer.

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