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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Florizel confesses that Perdita is not royal, but says she is once what happens?
(a) Once Leontes ennobles her.
(b) Once they marry.
(c) Once Polixenes makes her royal.
(d) Once Paulina adopts her.

2. Polixenes thinks that to grant Camillo's wish to go home is what?
(a) An act of kindness.
(b) A death.
(c) Something he does not do.
(d) A good thing.

3. Camillo says that Florizel is not seen around, and is less involved in what?
(a) His artwork.
(b) His court.
(c) His studies.
(d) His duties.

4. Leontes says that Florizel does not marry without what?
(a) His father's money.
(b) Discussing the issue with his father.
(c) His father's approval.
(d) His father's presence.

5. What is a second object that is with Perdita, that the shepherd has in a bundle, that proves Perdita is the daughter of Leontes?
(a) A birth certificate.
(b) A letter from Paulina.
(c) Hermione's letter.
(d) Antigonus' letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. The shepherd and his son are with Polixenes in Sicilia. What emotion do the shepherd and his son feel?

2. What does Camillo give to Perdita to hide her face while she changes her garments?

3. Perdita fears for her father and says that who are conspiring against her and Florizel?

4. What does Antigonus leave with the baby?

5. Leontes promises that he never marries unless Paulina does what?

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