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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Clown enters, he lists of things he needs to buy for what?
(a) The sheep-shearing feast.
(b) Nightly dinner.
(c) The household.
(d) His sister.

2. Polixenes thinks that to grant Camillo's wish to go home is what?
(a) A good thing.
(b) Something he does not do.
(c) A death.
(d) An act of kindness.

3. What does Camillo give to Perdita to hide her face while she changes her garments?
(a) Autolycus' hat.
(b) Dorcas' cape.
(c) Polixenes' jacket.
(d) Florizel's hat.

4. What theme does Act four, scene three introduce?
(a) Costumes and disguises.
(b) Truth and justice.
(c) Loyalty and honor.
(d) Patience and thieves.

5. When the shepherd and Clown figure out who Autolycus really is, what does Autolycus want passed along to the prince?
(a) His request for a position.
(b) His well wishes.
(c) His regrets.
(d) His demands.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Leontes that Florizel runs off with the daughter of a shepherd?

2. What is Autolycus doing when he exits Act four, scene three?

3. At the end of Act four, scene two, where do Polixenes and Camillo go?

4. How many pounds of currants does Clown want to buy for the sheep-shearing feast?

5. How many years pass, according to Time?

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