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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Florizel introduces Perdita to Leontes as a royal from where?
(a) Lybia.
(b) Syria.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Kenya.

2. What is a second object that is with Perdita, that the shepherd has in a bundle, that proves Perdita is the daughter of Leontes?
(a) A birth certificate.
(b) Antigonus' letter.
(c) A letter from Paulina.
(d) Hermione's letter.

3. Who tries to convince the Leontes that he feels enough guilt and does enough good to make up for earlier mistakes?
(a) A lord.
(b) Dion.
(c) Cleomenes.
(d) Paulina.

4. When Clown offers Autolycus money, Autolycus says what?
(a) That he has money at home.
(b) That he has kinsmen nearby.
(c) That his wife is nearby.
(d) That his home is nearby.

5. What does Hermione tell Antigonus to do as he lays the baby down?
(a) Pray.
(b) Weep.
(c) Leave milk.
(d) Sing.

6. Whose son is mentioned in Time's speech?
(a) Camillo's.
(b) Antigonus'.
(c) Leontes'.
(d) Polixenes'.

7. Florizel says that Polixenes listens to Leontes and does what?
(a) Make a better decision.
(b) Cool down.
(c) Give in to his requests.
(d) Follow his advice.

8. Where does Time say the setting of the play is now?
(a) Sicilia.
(b) Bohemia.
(c) Greece.
(d) Rome.

9. How many pounds of currants does Clown want to buy for the sheep-shearing feast?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) Three.
(d) Five.

10. What does Camillo think returning to his home country does for Leontes?
(a) Give him peace of mind.
(b) Allow him to repent his sins.
(c) Relieve some of his guilt.
(d) Allow him to be king again.

11. What does Time say he is turning to make the time pass?
(a) His hand.
(b) His glass.
(c) His clock.
(d) His watch.

12. What is Autolycus doing when he first enters the play?
(a) Singing.
(b) Whistling.
(c) Clapping.
(d) Snapping his fingers.

13. Where does Autolycus tell the shepherd and Clown that the king is?
(a) In his palace.
(b) At his summer palace.
(c) On a ship.
(d) Outside in a carriage.

14. Why are the shepherd and Clown gentlemen?
(a) The kings call them brother.
(b) The kings give them titles to lands far away.
(c) They agree to serve the kings.
(d) The kings give them enough money to be gentlemen.

15. According to the stage directions, who enters with Time?
(a) A messenger.
(b) No one.
(c) Perdita.
(d) The Chorus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Time say is the effect of Leontes' grieving?

2. What does Act four, scene two set up?

3. Antigonus tells the infant that it is ______ fault she is cast out in the storm.

4. Who tells Leontes that Florizel runs off with the daughter of a shepherd?

5. What is the area where Antigonus and the mariner take the baby known for?

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