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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Polixenes asks Camillo to not mention Sicilia anymore because it reminds him of what?
(a) Leontes.
(b) Mamillius.
(c) Hermione's daughter.
(d) Hermione.

2. How does Leontes want his wife killed?
(a) By fire.
(b) By drowning.
(c) By impailment.
(d) By beheading.

3. How does Paulina get past the lords to enter into the king's presence?
(a) She says she wants to ease the king's mind.
(b) She says she wants to confess the truth.
(c) She says she wants to confront the king with the truth.
(d) She says she is bringing truth to ease his unrest.

4. Camillo is a lord of what location?
(a) Dormania.
(b) Italia.
(c) Sicilia.
(d) Francisca.

5. Perdita tells Florizal that she must win the king's approval to marry him or else do what?
(a) Marry someone else.
(b) Leave the country.
(c) End her life.
(d) Never see him again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What theme does Act four, scene three introduce?

2. What is Autolycus doing when he exits Act four, scene three?

3. What does Camillo give to Perdita to hide her face while she changes her garments?

4. How many pounds of currants does Clown want to buy for the sheep-shearing feast?

5. Where is the guard during Paulina and the other lady's visit?

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