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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Autolycus tell the shepherd and Clown that the king is?
(a) On a ship.
(b) In his palace.
(c) Outside in a carriage.
(d) At his summer palace.

2. What does Hermione tell Antigonus to do as he lays the baby down?
(a) Sing.
(b) Weep.
(c) Leave milk.
(d) Pray.

3. What does the mariner think the sky turning dark means?
(a) That the infant isn't to be left there.
(b) That the gods are angry with them.
(c) That there is a storm coming.
(d) That the infant is a bastard.

4. What does Antigonus leave with the baby?
(a) A dress.
(b) A birth certificate.
(c) A crown.
(d) A scroll.

5. What does Perdita say that some people call her hybrid flowers?
(a) Flower's bastards.
(b) Garden's bastards.
(c) Nature's bastards.
(d) Home-grown flowers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Polixenes, after hearing Perdita talk about her hybrid flowers, tells her that her ability to breed unique flowers is what?

2. What happens to Antigonus and the mariner?

3. An old shepherd enters the scene, complaining that ______ chased away two of his sheep.

4. What does Florizel say to reassure Perdita that she doesn't need to fear his father?

5. Who is Paulina?

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