The Winter's Tale Character Descriptions

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Antigonus - This character is threatened with a charge of treason in order to force him to comply with the king's orders. This character dies because a bear tears him to pieces.

Archidamus - This character appears in the first scene of the play and tells another character that Bohemia cannot offer the magnificence of Sicilia's offerings to their guests.

Autolycus - This character is a rouge and a thief.

Camilla - This character is a Sicilian lord and trusted advisor of the king who agrees to poison another king.

Cleomines - This character is a Sicilian lord who, along with another, goes to Apollo's temple at Delphos to get direction from the oracle and is the one who conducts a young couple into the royal presence.

Clown - This character first appears to tell of another characters encounter with a bear and the sinking of...

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