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Act 1, Scene 1

• Camillo, a lord of Sicilia and Archidamus, a lord of Bohemia, are talking about having Camillo visit Bohemia.

• Camillo says that he thinks their respective kings conduct a visit to each other.

• The two kings are good friends since childhood, but do not see each other in some time because of their royal obligations.

• Camillo and Archidamus then express their mutual admiration of, and confidence in, the young prince of Sicilia, Mamillius.

Act 1, Scene 2

• King Leontes, Queen Hermione, and Prince Mamillius of Sicilia enter with King Polxenes of Bohemia.

• Polixeness says he stays in Sicilia for nine months, and is grateful for the hospitality, but that he must get back to Bohemia before something bad happens.

• Leontes asks him to stay longer, and Polixenes politely refuses.

• Hermione then says that Leontes assures Polixenes that everything is well in Bohemia, as they are notified of a day...

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