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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Cadsuane reassure Nynaeve?
(a) That Rand and Lan are already outside the city gates.
(b) That the First Counsel only wants to talk to Rand.
(c) That they will get her out of Far Madding.
(d) That they will help her rescue Rand.

2. About what does Alanna question Rand?
(a) His bonding with three others.
(b) His plans for the Aes Sedai in the city.
(c) His plans for the Seanchan.
(d) His traveling so much through the waygates.

3. What does Mat do after leaving Tylin's group?
(a) Meets up with Thom.
(b) Goes to fight the Gholam.
(c) Goes to find Joline.
(d) Goes to reconnoiter the harbor.

4. Where does Elayne say Rand is likely to be?
(a) The Stone of Tear.
(b) Murandy.
(c) Ebou Dar.
(d) Two Rivers.

5. What do Lan and Rand discover?
(a) The assassins are already dead.
(b) The gateway keeps collapsing.
(c) Nynaeve cannot channel in Far Madding.
(d) The city guards already have the assassins in custody.

6. What does Rand tell a woman to tell Cadsuane?
(a) That he desires her to negotiate with Elaida in the White Tower.
(b) That she is not to follow him.
(c) That he will be leaving Far Madding the next day.
(d) That he is counting on her to make a gateway for his people.

7. What does Mat notice when he is about the city?
(a) The high number of guards at the wharf.
(b) The high number of guards around the palace.
(c) The number of refugees leaving Ebou Dar.
(d) The number of Aes Sedai that are captured.

8. Whom does Mat find crying at the palace?
(a) Tylin.
(b) Tuon.
(c) Beslan.
(d) Teslyn Baradon.

9. Where will Mat's escape attempt start?
(a) The palace.
(b) The inn where he is staying.
(c) The docks.
(d) The stables.

10. What is significant about the place in the dream world to Egwene?
(a) It is her childhood home.
(b) It is where Rand discovers his power to channel.
(c) It is where her parents were born before they move when she is not yet born.
(d) It is a place Egwene has always wanted to visit.

11. Why is Barsalla upset about the rays coming out of the device?
(a) It means Shadowspawn are in the city.
(b) It means a woman has channeled and that is not supposed to be possible.
(c) It means a Forsaken has channeled and that is not supposed to be possible.
(d) It means a man has channeled and that is not supposed to be possible.

12. What does Bethamin confess to the Seeker of Truth?
(a) That she had once been friends with the person he is searching for.
(b) That she is plotting against Suroth.
(c) That she is planning to set Tessa free.
(d) That she is unhappy in Ebou Dar.

13. What do the Seanchan leave in Ebou Dar when many of their ships leave?
(a) Several raken messengers.
(b) A strong garrison.
(c) Only an administrative counsel.
(d) A large army.

14. What inn does Mat go to after leaving the palace?
(a) The Wandering Woman.
(b) The Dew Drop.
(c) The Horseman.
(d) The Wolf's Head.

15. What is the name of the voice in Rand's head?
(a) Rand.
(b) Lews Therin.
(c) The Dragon.
(d) The voice in his head has no name.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rand say to defend himself against Alanna's anger?

2. According to the innkeeper at Bethamin's inn, who is looking for Bethamin?

3. How many bodyguards has Birgitte selected?

4. What does the army's commander say to Elayne's proposal?

5. Where does Rand go after fighting?

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