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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Elayne and Egwene go in the dream world?
(a) Ebou Dar.
(b) The Stone of Tear.
(c) Far Madding.
(d) Emond's Field.

2. Who joins Lan and Rand?
(a) Cadsuane.
(b) Nynaeve.
(c) Elayne.
(d) Min.

3. Who is Barsalla?
(a) The First Counsel of Falme.
(b) One of Rand's counselors.
(c) One of Cairhein's nobles.
(d) The First Counsel of Far Madding.

4. How does Bethamin handle recently conquered women who channel?
(a) Indifferently.
(b) Like long lost sisters.
(c) Gently.
(d) Roughly.

5. What does Mat gather in preparation for leaving?
(a) All his men's weapons.
(b) His men who are quartered throughout the city.
(c) The Aes Sedai who are hidden.
(d) The belongings he wishes to take with him.

6. Whose windpipe does Rand crush?
(a) Kisman.
(b) Rochaid.
(c) Elyas.
(d) Maredo.

7. What orders does Elayne issue?
(a) To prepare for a siege.
(b) To conscript all men over age 18 who are able-bodied.
(c) To conscript all men and women over age 18 who are able-bodied.
(d) To prepare wagons of food for the army she just visited.

8. What are damane?
(a) The Great Lord's right hand servants.
(b) Servants who are indentured for five years.
(c) Ladies of the court.
(d) Slaves who can channel.

9. With whom does Min meet and have tea?
(a) No one.
(b) Nynaeve and Alivia.
(c) Lan.
(d) Juilin.

10. Where does Rand appear with Min?
(a) Flame.
(b) Tear.
(c) Far Madding.
(d) Tar Valon.

11. Whom is Rand following when he is struck in the head?
(a) An unnamed Aes Sedai.
(b) Rochaid.
(c) Min.
(d) Tenobia.

12. What does a sul'dam suggest for how to handle a difficult damane?
(a) Consistently harsh treatment.
(b) Death.
(c) Inconsistent treatment.
(d) Consistently kind treatment.

13. What does Rand tell Min he thinks may be possible?
(a) Cadsuane may betray Rand to the White Tower.
(b) The Last Battle is set to happen in just a few weeks.
(c) He could marry Min, Aviendha, and Elayne all at the same time.
(d) A plan to capture or kill him.

14. What is the name of the voice in Rand's head?
(a) The Dragon.
(b) The voice in his head has no name.
(c) Rand.
(d) Lews Therin.

15. What news bothers the Seanchan?
(a) News about the Gholam.
(b) News about the Forsaken.
(c) News about Rand.
(d) News about the Aes Sedai.

Short Answer Questions

1. About whom does the innkeeper ask?

2. Why does Cadsuane slap Rand?

3. Who is with Tylin when Mat arrives back at the palace?

4. What does Rand say to defend himself against Alanna's anger?

5. According to the innkeeper at Bethamin's inn, who is looking for Bethamin?

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