Winter's Heart Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. With whom has Perrin Aybara been meeting and how does he feel about what transpires in the beginning?

Perrin Aybara exits a visit with Masema, Prophet of the Lord Dragon, upset with the arguing that had happened.

2. What does Perrin Aybara think of Masema and what Masema will do in the beginning?

Perrin thinks that Masema is mad but has convinced the Prophet to visit his camp. Perrin and his forces leave Amador without incident, although Masema's guards look threatening, ready to attack upon any sign of trouble.

3. What makes Perrin Aybara think there is something wrong as he approaches his camp?

As Perrin approaches his camp, he notices right away that something is wrong. He has four forces with him, and they are all mounted on their horses and are prepared for battle. Two of the force leaders argue about what to do. The situation is tense and threatening to break into a fight, which would be useless because the forces are allies.

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