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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 32-35 A Portion of Wisdom; Blue Carp Street; The Hummingbird's Secret; With the Choedan Kal.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Perrin worry about when encountering the other army?
(a) They may be delayed by a fight.
(b) He may be killed and unable able to rescue Faile.
(c) The other Army will want to join with Perrin.
(d) They will lose soldiers in a needless battle.

2. What do the other female captives do that Faile does not?
(a) Fight their captives.
(b) Try to ingratiate themselves to their captives.
(c) Beg.
(d) Cry.

3. Why is Demandred angry?
(a) That the Great Lord refuses to allow Rand's death.
(b) That Rand has been seen in several locations.
(c) That Osan'gar was forgiven.
(d) That Moridin has given out advantages to Lanfear.

4. What does Tylin order Mat to do?
(a) Slay Suroth.
(b) Slay Beslan.
(c) Dress in pink.
(d) Dress in lady's clothing.

5. About what does Elayne question Reene Harfor?
(a) An upcoming banquet.
(b) Winter stores.
(c) Spies.
(d) New draperies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tried to kill Hopper?

2. Who arrives via portal outside the city where Rand is?

3. How does Cadsuane reassure Nynaeve?

4. Where is Tuon sailing?

5. What orders does Elayne issue?

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