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Far Madding

This place is an island city in Murandy where Rand goes after visiting Elayne in the city of Caemlyn.

Ebou Dar

This is a port city in Altara from which Mat wishes to escape.


This is the capital city of Andor.

Choedan Kal

These are two statues that Rand and Nynaeve use to cleanse saidin.

Damane Collar

This is the means that the Seanchan use to control women who can channel.

Mat's Medallion

This is a medallion that stops anyone from using the Source on this main character.

Power-Blocking Device

This is located in the Hall of Counsels in Far Madding.

Crystal Sword

Rand unearths this ter'angreal after leaving Far Madding.


Mat comes up with an idea to use these with a catapult as an assault weapon to help him escape Ebou Dar.

Flying Creatures

This is the means of Seanchan riders spying and...

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