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Travel Brochure.

Prepare a travel brochure for Rand's world to share with the class and encourage people to visit this "world" as if it were possible.

Character Description.

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of two characters from "Winter's Heart". Add a portrait to go along with your written description. Choose from among the following: Rand, Elayne, Nynaeve, Mat, Egwene, Aviendha, Lan, Birgitte, Cadsuane, Tylin, Tuon, Juilin, Beslan, Berelain, Faile, Perrin.


Create a timeline including illustrations of the events from "Winter's Heart". Include a map showing the locations of where the story took place.


Read another Robert Jordan "Wheel of Time" series book. Write a comparison and contrast between the two of them.


Create three posters about the book using a variety of media (chalk, paint, markers, watercolors, etc.) about a significant event in "Winter's Heart". Suggested events: The attack of the gholam on...

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