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Chapters 1-2 Leaving the Prophet; Taken

• Perrin leaves a visit with Masema. Perrin is upset with the arguing but he has convinced Masema to visit Perrin's camp.

• Perrin and his forces leave Amador without an attack even though the Prophet's guards look ready to fight.

• It is winter and the snow is deep enough at times to reach the horses' knees. Perrin thinks of his wife, Faile, as he travels back to her.

• Perrin notices something is wrong as he approaches his camp. His forces are mounted and look prepared for battle.
• He has four different forces combined and the leaders of two of those forces are arguing. The atmosphere is tense even though they are allies.

• Perrin learns that the Shaido have taken Faile captive and he wants to chase after them immediately.

• Perrin communicates with the wolves and asks their help but they say there are...

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