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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have Lia's teachers done?
(a) Organized a support group.
(b) Tried to force Lia to eat.
(c) Told Lia to take a couple days off.
(d) Given Lia time to catch up on her studies.

2. Where has Cassie been found?
(a) In a motel room.
(b) At the airport.
(c) In a runaway shelter.
(d) In a strip bar.

3. What does Lia do after everyone is asleep?
(a) Work out on the stair-stepper.
(b) Write a letter.
(c) Cry.
(d) Go to Cassie's bedroom window and look in.

4. Who do the teachers want to honor?
(a) The senior class.
(b) Lia.
(c) Cassie.
(d) The honor students.

5. Why is Lia excited when she gets on the scale later in her room?
(a) She is really at 102 pounds.
(b) She has dropped below 100 pounds.
(c) She has gained 3 pounds.
(d) She has not gained any weight, even though she has not lost any.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what is Cassie's ghost covered when Lia sees her in the corner?

2. What does Lia hope will silence Cassie's voice inside Lia's head?

3. What does Lia do as her parents begin to argue?

4. What does Lia notice has been covered by makeup?

5. What is Lia blamed for concerning Cassie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cassie say to Lia in the messages Cassie leaves on Lia's phone?

2. What does Lia do after dinner and when her father comes in to her bedroom?

3. What does Chloe insist about Lia and what is Jennifer's proof otherwise?

4. What have Lia's teachers organized and how does Lia react when she joins the group of students?

5. What does Elijah tell Lia and why does she tell him her name is Emma?

6. How does Lia make it appear as though she has eaten when she is home that afternoon?

7. What actions does the support group decide to make in order to honor Cassie, and what is Lia's response when her opinion is asked?

8. What does Lia do against the advice of her parents and what does Lia keep imagining?

9. What news does Emma bring the next morning, and what is Lia's reaction?

10. Where is Lia at the opening of the novel and what is the news Jennifer announces?

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