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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Pinky?
(a) A turtle Cassie had in the fifth grade.
(b) Cassie's little cousin.
(c) A mouse that Cassie had in the fourth grade.
(d) A little boy who is crying at the ceremony.

2. Who picks Lia up at the hospital?
(a) Jennifer.
(b) Lia's father.
(c) Chloe.
(d) Elijah.

3. What does Lia volunteer to do at Emma's band concert?
(a) Sell tickets.
(b) Hold Emma's music.
(c) Work the bake sale.
(d) Take pictures of Emma.

4. What does Lia remember as she drives past Cassie's house?
(a) Seeing Cassie vomit in the bushes for the first time.
(b) Cassie's last message.
(c) Cassie lying in the coffin.
(d) Cassie as a third grader and happy before she started thinking about weight..

5. How did Cassie's inner organs appear?
(a) Signs of necrosis.
(b) Unhealthy but they could have healed.
(c) Like they belonged to an eighty year old.
(d) Fairly healthy.

6. What does Jennifer say she will not let Lia do?
(a) Be alone with Emma.
(b) Avoid responsibility for her actions.
(c) Ruin Emma's life.
(d) Ever see Emma again.

7. Who has Chloe hired?
(a) A physical therapist.
(b) A nurse to watch Lia.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) A caregiver.

8. Why does Lia get close to the grave opening?
(a) To make sure Cassie is being properly buried.
(b) To see if Cassie is really in there.
(c) To throw a dozen roses on Cassie's coffin.
(d) She stays away from the grave.

9. Why does Lia take a bus to school?
(a) Her car breaks down.
(b) She is avoiding Jennifer.
(c) She is avoiding Emma.
(d) She is trying to reconnect with old friends.

10. What does Lia intend to tell Elijah?
(a) That she is moving out of town with her mother.
(b) That her name is Julie.
(c) The truth about her name.
(d) That she does not want to see him anymore.

11. What does Lia overhear Jennifer say about Chloe?
(a) That Chloe is getting married.
(b) That Chloe is moving.
(c) That Chloe is angry that Lia's father will not send Lia to a rehab institution.
(d) That Chloe wants Lia to move back in with her.

12. Why does Lia think she may never see Elijah again?
(a) Becasuse Lia's mother is not friendly to him.
(b) Because Lia has anorexia.
(c) Because Lia says Cassie is haunting her.
(d) Because he learns who she is.

13. Why is Lia knitting a blanket?
(a) She hopes it will one day keep her warm.
(b) For Emma.
(c) For her mother.
(d) It's for Cassie's body that Lia keeps seeing.

14. What does Lia do to distract her mother?
(a) Makes breakfast.
(b) Asks her mother to help with some math homework.
(c) Creates a scene about Cassie.
(d) Asks her mother's opinion about a dress.

15. What happens as Lia's mother eats her breakfast?
(a) Elijah calls Lia.
(b) Lia and Chloe argue.
(c) Lia and Chloe talk cordially.
(d) Lia pretends to be eating.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Lia sleep at night?

2. What does Chloe want of Lia?

3. What does Cassie's ghost encourage Lia to do?

4. Why is Lia's body revolting?

5. Where does Elijah say he is moving?

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