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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lia put in Cassie's hand?
(a) Sea glass.
(b) A poem.
(c) A feather.
(d) A note.

2. Where does Cassie say her cell phone is?
(a) In her locker at school.
(b) It fell in the river.
(c) She lost it.
(d) In her car.

3. How many times does Cassie call Lia the night before?
(a) 3.
(b) 33.
(c) 5.
(d) 10.

4. How does Jennifer feel about Cassie?
(a) She thinks Cassie is good-hearted though not wise.
(b) She believes Cassie is a bad influence on Lia.
(c) She loves Cassie dearly.
(d) She thinks Cassie's home life has made her rebellious.

5. What is Lia thinking of when she imagines she smells dust, spiders, cloves and burnt sugar?
(a) Being accidentally locked in the janitor closet with Cassie in 8th grade.
(b) Cassie's body in the morgue.
(c) The fight Cassie and she had several weeks earlier.
(d) Cassie making some drug concoction.

6. What does Jennifer try to get Lia to do before Jennifer leaves?
(a) Pray with her.
(b) Call Cassie's mother.
(c) Call Lia's father.
(d) Eat breakfast.

7. What does Lia say yes to without thinking once she arrives where she is going?
(a) If she wants to get her own apartment.
(b) If she needs to go into rehab for a couple weeks.
(c) Seeing the room where Cassie died.
(d) That she received phone calls from Cassie.

8. What does Chloe do while looking at Lia?
(a) Trying to decide about getting a court order to force feed Lia.
(b) Sizing her up to see if she's lost more weight.
(c) Smiling at her.
(d) Talk to Emma.

9. What does Lia do despite her parents advice not to do so?
(a) Tell Cassie's parents Cassie called her.
(b) Write a poem for Cassie to read at the funeral.
(c) Visit the funeral home.
(d) Call Cassie's mother.

10. Who comes to Lia's house to ask Lia some questions?
(a) Two detectives.
(b) The school principal.
(c) Cassie's parents.
(d) One of Cassie's teachers.

11. What procedures does Cassie know?
(a) For dealing with hunger.
(b) For combating her negative emotions.
(c) For helping to see her body realistically.
(d) To finish her college applications.

12. What does Lia wish she could do?
(a) Be normal.
(b) Be a puker.
(c) Die.
(d) Go back to living with her mother.

13. What does Jennifer have that disproves Chloe's accusations?
(a) A notebook showing the check numbers and dates.
(b) A transcript of a phone conversation Lia's father had with the shrink.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A notebook with weigh-in numbers for Lia.

14. What is done in the yearbook for Cassie?
(a) A memorial page.
(b) A poem she wrote is included.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A picture of her appears on the first page of the yearbook.

15. What does Lia do with her dirty plate?
(a) Carries it with her to her room.
(b) Washes it and puts it in the dishwasher.
(c) Leaves it on the counter.
(d) Lets the dog lick it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ground rules are established in the memorial for Cassie meeting?

2. Why is Lia excited when she gets on the scale later in her room?

3. Over what do Cassie and Lia bond?

4. What does Lia immediately do upon entering the room where the memorial is being held?

5. What does Cassie show Lia on the first day they meet?

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