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Amoskeag High

This is the high school where Lia is a senior.

RIchland Park

This is the field where Emma plays soccer.

New Seasons

This is the hospital where Lia is sent during her rehabilitation.


This is one of the first things Cassie showed Lia when she was unpacking her boxes at her new house.

The Blubber-O-Meter 3000

This is the scale that Jennifer uses every Tuesday to weigh Lia.

The Gateway Motel

This is where Cassie died.


This is the one activity Lia does that has nothing to do with her weight.


This is the name Lia has for the times that she blacks out from lack of food and has no idea what she has been doing.

The Whisperblog

This is a collection of voices of young girls with eating disorders.

Nana Marrigan's Knife

Lia steals this when she stays at her mother's house...

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