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Essay Topic 1

At the movie theater, Lia cuts her hips with a razorblade, another form of self-mutilation. Cutting is a different type of pain than starvation. It is immediate, and many cutters feel the need to self-harm when faced with extremely painful emotion. Because they cannot control the emotional pain, they feel the need to control their physical pain, creating a physical outlet for what is happening inside them. Clearly, this is what is happening with Lia. The visit to the motel had a profound emotional effect on her but she does not have the coping skills to deal with her grief. She is too controlled to cry or ask for help so her pain needs a different outlet: a physical one.

1. Explain what you think are the reasons that Lia cuts herself. Use examples from your own life and "Wintergirls" to support your reasoning.

2. Do you think...

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