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• Lia's stepmother, Jennifer tells the family at breakfast that Lia's best friend has been found dead in a motel room.

• Jennifer says Lia's father will talk with her, but she had not wanted Lia to find out about Cassie at school.

• Jennifer tries to get Lia to eat breakfast but Lia counts the calories and secretly denies them.

• She an anti-depressant and hopes the pills will silence Cassie's voice in her head.

• Lia obsesses over the phone calls Cassie must have made to her while she was dying in the motel.
• She begs Lia to pick up the phone then tells her she misses her and loves her. Lia weeps on the way to school.

• Lia can barely stay awake and her emotions and lack of food threaten to topple her.

• She asks Emma if she can watch her soccer practice but Emma says she lied...

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