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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing the main character unconsciously does because of his winter dreams?

2. What does Judy wear when she comes downstairs for her dinner with Dexter?

3. What did Dexter's winter dreams cause him to pass up?

4. What is the job of the main character in Part 1?

5. What simile is made to describe the wind?

Short Essay Questions

1. At dinner in Part 3, what do Dexter and Judy discuss about Dexter's life?

2. Why does Dexter quit caddying?

3. What does Dexter think of the men he imagines Judy with in Part 3?

4. What did Dexter do to make his first business so successful?

5. What did Dexter want out of life?

6. What is Dexter's impression of the dinner at Judy's house in Part 3?

7. How does Devlin describe Judy's marriage?

8. Describe Dexter's taste in clothes. Include a description of the clothes he wears to dinner at Judy's house in Part 3.

9. What is Judy's mood like at the dinner in Part 3?

10. Why does Dexter not harbor any hard feelings toward Judy even though he is unable to maintain a relationship with her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Similes are an important part of literature. They compare two otherwise dissimilar objects in order to add description to a thing or situation. What is meant by the following similes from Winter Dreams?

1. "When he crossed the hills the wind blew cold as misery."

2. "The long Minnesota winter shut down like the white lid of a box."

3. "His heart turned over like the fly-wheel of the boat."

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Heart invites Dexter to play a round of golf with him and his friends. This event causes many emotions to surface in Dexter.

1. Why does Dexter start the day feeling like an intruder, but end the day feeling superior to the men he golfs with?

2. What even happens on the golf course that likely changes Dexter's life? Why does this event change Dexter's life?

3. What are the varying opinions of Judy by the men on the golf course?

Essay Topic 3

Dexter strives to lead a successful life. From the time he is a caddy to the time he is a successful businessman in New York. In that time, he wants things that glitter. Nice clothes, respect and Judy are also coveted by Dexter.

1. Do you think Dexter's being named Green is symbolic of his desire for riches? Why or why not.

2. In what ways does Judy glitter?

3. How does respect compare to the material possessions Dexter tries to attain?

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