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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Dexter's winter dreams cause him to pass up?
(a) Business courses at the state university.
(b) A chance to buy the golf course.
(c) Attending a prestigious university.
(d) A chance to travel abroad.

2. Who does Judy say won't be joining her and Dexter for dinner?
(a) The butler.
(b) Her boyfriend.
(c) Father and Mother.
(d) Mr. Hart.

3. What does the girl who hit the golf ball say when her partner came over the hill? "I'd have gone on the green except that. . . "
(a) "I landed in the water."
(b) "I hit someone."
(c) "I hit something."
(d) "I caught the sand trap."

4. How does Mr. Sandwood describe the girl?
(a) Good-looking.
(b) Too young.
(c) Pretty hair.
(d) Too tall.

5. What drowns out the music Dexter is hearing while on the raft?
(a) Birds.
(b) Crashing waves.
(c) Fish jumping.
(d) A boat.

6. The simile made about the winters is that they "shut down like the white. . ."
(a) Golf balls on the green.
(b) Lid of a box.
(c) Snow-cap of a mountain.
(d) Trunk of a car.

7. Who gave Dexter a guest card for the golf course?
(a) Mr. T. A. Hedrick.
(b) Mr. Heart.
(c) Mr. Sandwood.
(d) Mr. Jones.

8. Who does Dexter envision in the summer room and on the sun-porch?
(a) His college friends.
(b) Judy's past lovers.
(c) Judy's parents.
(d) Judy and Dexter's children.

9. What is Dexter afraid he is doing to Judy during their after dinner conversation?
(a) Boring her.
(b) Scaring her.
(c) Moving too quick.
(d) Not moving quickly enough.

10. Where does the main character live?
(a) Grizzly Bear.
(b) Brown Bear.
(c) Black Bear.
(d) Polar Bear.

11. What type of badge did the main character hand in?
(a) Drivers.
(b) C Class.
(c) Gold.
(d) A Class.

12. Dexter realizes that he has loved Judy since when?
(a) When she hit Mr. T. A. Hedrick with a golf ball.
(b) He was a boy.
(c) Dinner.
(d) When they went boating.

13. Who does Dexter think carelessness is for?
(a) Mr. T. A. Hedrick.
(b) Judy.
(c) Mr. Hart.
(d) His Children.

14. What simile is used to describe how Dexter's heart turned over?
(a) Like the fly-wheel of the boat.
(b) Like a top.
(c) Like a spinning golf ball.
(d) Like the reel of a fishing pole.

15. How much money does Dexter say he has?
(a) Enough to get by.
(b) More than anyone his age.
(c) Enough to retire.
(d) Very little.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say watching Judy was without?

2. What does the person who approaches in the raft Dexter want to do?

3. When out on the boat, what does Judy invite Dexter to do the next day?

4. Who approaches Dexter while he's on the raft?

5. Where does the main character's father's grocery store rank?

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