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Part 1

• Dexter is introduced as a caddy unlike the other caddies.

• He works just for pocket money, while most of the other caddies are very poor.

• In the winter, Dexter skiis the hills of the golf course and dreams of being a golf champion.

• Mr. Jones tells Dexter that he is the best caddy.

• Dexter tells Mr. Jones that he has decided to quit caddying.

• Earlier in the day, a bratty girl came to the golf course looking for a caddy.

• Dexter refused to caddy for her.

• When the Caddy master arrives, he instructs Dexter to caddy for the girl.

• Instead of doing what he's told, Dexter quits.

• Dexter claims that his winter dreams told him to quit.

Part 2

• Dexter's father offers to pay for him to attend the State university.

• Dexter's winter dreams told him to attend an older, more prestigious university in the East.

• At school...

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