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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is something Gary does NOT ask at the pre-race rookie meeting?
(a) "Why is the Burn so dangerous?"
(b) "What are suckholes?"
(c) "What's the Burn?"
(d) "If you can't see then how do you watch for them?"

2. What does Gary see right after he unzips his sleeping bag and stands up at the end of the Prelude?
(a) His dogs.
(b) The sled.
(c) The food bag.
(d) The Alaska Range.

3. What becomes Gary's mantra?
(a) If one person can do it, another person can do it.
(b) It's not about winning, it's about how you play the game.
(c) Be true to yourself and to your dogs.
(d) Slow and steady wins the race.

4. How long is the trail that the team runs in "First Snow"?
(a) About ten miles.
(b) About twenty miles.
(c) About one hundred miles.
(d) About seventy miles.

5. What does the command "Haw" mean?
(a) Left.
(b) Stop.
(c) Go.
(d) Right.

6. In the Prelude Gary writes, "The difficulty came because of ____________."
(a) The terrain.
(b) The snow.
(c) A headache.
(d) The "problem" dogs.

7. In the Prelude, what does Gary notice that finally triggers his "survival code?"
(a) Visibility was getting worse.
(b) The tracks behind the sled were filling up quickly.
(c) The dogs were slowing down.
(d) The temperature was dropping.

8. What does Gary notice in the picture of a dog team training for the Iditarod?
(a) The musher has cuts and bruises on his face.
(b) The team only has seven dogs.
(c) The team is pulling a whole car.
(d) The musher is wearing mukluks.

9. After Devil falls in "First Snow", why isn't he run over by the sled?
(a) Devil rolled out of the way.
(b) Murphy pulled Devil up by his harness.
(c) The sled stopped just in time.
(d) The sled swerved away from Devil.

10. What time does the banquet end?
(a) Midnight.
(b) Three in the morning.
(c) Six in the morning.
(d) An hour before the start of the race.

11. The Canadian dogs remind Ruth of what?
(a) Gary's original trapping team.
(b) A major storm.
(c) Bikers that Gary had once brought home.
(d) Tasmanian Devils.

12. What do the other mushers unofficially vote Gary to be?
(a) Least likely to get out of Anchorage.
(b) Most likely to get trapped in the Burn.
(c) Least likely to ask for help.
(d) Most likely to be the last to cross the finish line.

13. What does Ruth think will be Gary's biggest problem in the race?
(a) Finishing it.
(b) Getting enough rest.
(c) Getting the dogs to stop at Nome.
(d) Having enough supplies.

14. Why does Gary attend the pre-race banquet?
(a) It is mandatory.
(b) He wants to meet other mushers.
(c) He has completed his last-minute preparations.
(d) He isn't tired.

15. What does Gary do when he finds a snared doe while training for his first race?
(a) He watches the doe struggle and finally die.
(b) He watches the doe free herself.
(c) He cuts off the noose.
(d) He curses then moves his team along.

Short Answer Questions

1. The mushers need to be in Anchorage how long before the start of the race?

2. When does the Prelude take place?

3. Where are the dogs when Gary sleeps in the Prelude?

4. In the opening story of the book, where does Gary end up after he is blown sideways?

5. At the end of "Alaska", how does Gary feel about the start of the race?

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